Friday, June 12, 2009

You Gotta Check These Out!

After writing about Jon's big adventure, I started thinking that I actually do know some remarkable people.

Brave people who have chosen to the pick the road less travelled to follow a dream, for survival, to try something new. Whatever the reason it really does not matter, they are doing something they enjoy and they want to share the fruit of their passion with others.

So, I thought, let's showcase them on my blog. At worst, they get some minimal publicity and at best, they will know I admire them! Or should it be vice versa? ha ha ha...

Ok..first up..

1. The Box Market

These cute, snazzy and downright creative boxes will transform whatever event you are hosting from ordinary to wow! Check out some of the sample pics that are on the blog and do contact them for your next corporate event or to simply just give your gifts a touch of class. The ways in which you can use these boxes are just endless! Drop Lene a line and check out her gorgeous boxes.

Next we have,

2. I'll Be Jammed

Zoe does great unusual jams that have been painstaking home-made. Tired of ho-hum strawberry and yawwwwwnnn marmalade? How does Spiced Pineapple and Mango jam sound? Or Lemon & Mint? These make awesome fact, order some custom-designed boxes from The Box Market and grab some uniquely flavoured jams and give them out as birthday gifts.

Saves you the trouble of shopping and everyone will remember your gift. Great idea yes? Of course it is!

Last but not least...

3. Cristang

I absolutely adore the food at Gerald's. There is nothing more satisfying than a P7 burger. Eh? P7? What the heck is that? Let me tell you my friend, pork burger patties and sambal petai were made for each other. Throw in a juicy bacon slice and melted cheese in between crispy yet spongy buns, you are on the road to gastronomic heaven. Pair this sinfully rich burger with a lime sour that was specially concocted by Gerald and you will be wishing you could start the meal again! I am serious! Petai and pork go together. I can't eat an ordinary burger ever again.

Erm..he has other stuff there as well, traditional Portuguese dishes as well as a variety of dishes created by Gerald. (inspired by greedy patrons)

When you go there, do ask for a serving of the Orgasmic Potato Mash. I named that dish! And yes it certainly was!

So there you ago, 3 amazing entrepreneurial effort by people who weren't afraid to go at it on their own.

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