Thursday, June 11, 2009

Journey of Hope

A journey of a lifetime starts with one step…

A journey of the heart starts with one good deed…

My name is Jon Ng and I’m embarking on a 500 day journey around the world. A journey to inspire generosity, to bring hope and to save lives…

That is an excerpt from the website of Jon Ng and Kelvin Sim. It will record the journey they are embarking around the world in 500 days. A journey to fulfill a dream, to make a difference, to leave an impact.

The very first time I met Jon, was a couple of months ago by a roadside mamak stall in Taman Tun. I was struck by his child-like wonder and absolutely fun personality. I would have believed him if he said he was in still in high school. But I wasn't completely fooled because underpinning that boyish innocence was a cavernous mind that thought deeply about life and captured its beauty artistically through the lenses of his camera.

His talent in photograply already left me awed but nothing prepared me for the knowledge about his journey of hope.

Not many people inspire me or leave me humbled. Jon Ng has managed to do just that.

How many of us sit at our offices daily wishing that we could live our dreams?

How often do we think of the could-haves and should-haves?

Do you ask yourself, if you were nearing the end, did you do it all? What difference did you make in the lives of others?

Jon took his deepest compassion for the plight of malnourished children and his strongest desire to see the world and turned it into an amazing journey of hope around the world in 500 days. This monumental trip took years of planning and that in itself is already a testament to Jon's determination to see it through, to make it a reality.

I love him for his heart, I admire him for his courage and I am humbled by the path he has chosen to live his life.

Please visit We Deed It to follow this amazing adventure and to learn more about Jon and Kelvin. If you can help in any way, please do so. These remarkable men, need all the support they can get. Catch their Live Interviews on NTV7 and TV3.

I am all geared-up, to experience a cross-cultural extravaganza of epic proportions!

However so, the bottom line is, I want to make a stand. I want to leave an impact, for the sake of the children and if a journey around the world leaves an imprint on the hearts of people, let it be for the children. For those who suffer in silence, let us be their voices. Let us cry out and make a difference… Jon Ng

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