Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Father, My Number 1 Guy

The older I get, the more I love him

I begin to understand what it took

For him to really be a family man

To be a Father is more than biological

It’s not all about bringing home the bacon
keeping a roof over our heads

It is about the little things in a child’s life

That often go unnoticed and quite under-rated
The understanding glance

The tender hug or the all important

“I’ll pretend I didn’t notice a thing face”

The silent comfort of knowing that Dad is there

You never know the memories

That your child treasures

It could be the laughter on a sunny afternoon

While doing something mundane

Its knowing you are there body heart and soul
And not drifting away busy taking a call

The greatest gift a father could give his child

Is to show a son, how to be a man

And to show a daughter, how to be cherished

The greatest blessing upon a family

Is a man who loves his wife

And treasures his children

I have been blessed with a father

Who put his family above all else

All that he did was for his wife and kid
Hardly a thing for himself
Seldom a day went by where

We were not all at home relaxing and laughing together

I have never been left wanting or yearning

My father, he has always been there for me
He is my wings when I need to fly

My anchor when I need to stay firm

He is my protector, my guide, my friend

He is my Father, my number 1 guy

Happy Father's Day Pa!

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  1. beautiful.. it made me miss my own father even more..