Monday, June 8, 2009

50th Birthday Tribute to a Dear Friend, AJ

Without You

I wonder what life

would have been like

Gloomy days would be rife

Without you no move it move it!

I wonder who would

care if I cried

My tears who could

wipe dry without you

I wonder what my

day would be like

Without laughter I'd die

Without you, no joy

I wonder how to

ever thank you for

all that you do

Without you, no dreams

I wonder if God

will ever bless me with

a friend to be awed

like you ever again

Without you darling Toh,

I would never have known
laughter that leaves me aching

love that keeps me secure

care that keeps me grounded
sms proverbs to keep me hoping
sneezes that trigger car alarms... :D

Without you AJ

I would never have

been blessed with

an angel friend on earth!

Blessed 50th You Horny Goat!

June 07, 2009

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