Tuesday, January 2, 2007

What's Shagalicious To You?

I spent the better part of last night and early this morning in a deep and enlightening conversation with one of my closest male friends. Enlightening because at around 3am it struck us both that the men and women we wanted to shag (no, no we are not bi! HIS women, MY men..) were all quite dissimilar in appearance.

I had my list of physical attributes that turn me on and he, of course had the typical male T & A requirements. We then took it one step further and decided to share a list of people we were physically attracted to amongst our mutual friends. So, after a brief ceremony involving the mingling of blood and incantations avowing physical mutations of our most prized assets if we disclose the list to other people, we were quite quite surprised with the results.

Apart from us being number one on each other's list (no big surprise there) we realised that the physical attributes that turn us on didn't play a major role in the deciding factor on the people we wanted to shag! Although we weren't surprised we were both number 1 on each other's lists, we did realise that we weren't each other's typical "type".

So then, what does attract us to the people we want to shag? Apparently, there is a big difference between people who grab our attention, whipping our heads to sneak another look at the specimen of lust that walks by us and the person who stirs longing in our loins.

Its a delicate mix of attributes that is almost undefinable that draws us to some and not others. So, looks really are not everything. It helps but its not what pushes it over the top and makes you irresistible to someone else.

That X-Factor, only comes from you just being yourself.

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