Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Help, I Am An Addict!

Today was the first working day of the year in Malaysia. No big deal you say, and what has that got to do with me being an addict? Well, it has EVERYTHING to do with it!

The earthquake in Taiwan damaged underwater cables that has left many Malaysians with slow and in some cases (like me!) no connection at all! All day today, I kept getting this message "Firefox cannot find the server" "Problem Loading Page" ...I just wanted to scream bloody murder!

Anyway, all this no connection business left me with ample time to contemplate my addictions. And I have realised much to my dismay, I am addicted to the internet. My work revolves around it, I have grown accustomed to chatting with my friends daily and I love fiddling with my blog. So, all day today, I felt so disconnected (pun fully intended) and I was getting increasingly annoyed.

Nothing was at my finger tips anymore. I couldn't google for information I wanted, couldn't rant and rave, couldn't read the news sites I frequent and couldn't check my email. Its scary, amazing and troubling all at the same time how our lives are so IT dependant these days.

Anyway, scary or troubling it may be, I don't mind. It has yielded some amazing surprises lately, of which I am quite happy with. So please send me suggestions on how to utilise the next down time without getting into a hissy fit and texting my friends messages like "bloody hell I can't connect to the internet! damn!" Err...Tommy, Mr Austin Powers & Waterboy, I already know YOUR suggestions so save it... :-)

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