Thursday, September 21, 2006

A Prayer Of Dedication

O Gracious Goddess, O Gracious God, I come to you tonight freely, with the eyes and the heart of a child, that I may be reborn of your light and your spirit when I leave this sacred circle.

I seek to walk with you, from this moment, in every moment. I ask that you help me continue to grow, and learn, and evolve as a spiritual human, always in your care; to live consciously, in peace and trust, without fear.

Help me to deepen my connection to you and to all that is sacred; to the Earth and her rhythms, the Moon and her cycles, and to all the things that share this collective space.

Help me to make choices in my life, rather than having reactions. Help me learn to allow, to flow with life, and to walk in grace. Help me to integrate and balance my energies, both the dark and the light. Help me to achieve and maintain an optimum level of health in my body, my heart, my mind and my spirit.

Help me to find a truer, calmer pace, both in my words and in my actions, to create my future with integrity, and to find peace and contentment in the present. Help me to find and recognize more reasons to be happy, to experience more humour, to laugh and to play more, and to focus less on challenge or negativity.

Help me learn to love others with more honesty, more compassion, and less judgement; with better personal boundaries; and with far more sanity.

Help me to experience more clarity, insight and vision, and to manifest what I need and desire from that calm and centered place.

Help me to be patient in all things.

Help me to help others find their true connection to Spirit and to themselves.

Help me to know myself exquisitely, to trust myself implicitly, to honour and care for myself as I would a precious gift. Help me to acknowledge and love the person that I am at any given moment, and above all, help me to be an ordinary woman who does extraordinary things with her life, her love and her spirit.

O Gracious Goddess, O Gracious God, I ask these things in your presence and in your name, that they may come to me gently, and in joy, that they be my truth from this moment on, the 33rd anniversary of my creation.

So Mote It Be!


  1. oh LOrdy , Lordy Vixey !

    you seemed to need a lot of help there, hehehhe

    you forget to ask for help on one area, remember 'LaLa Land'

    tralalala, skip, skip

    have a great day and I hope your prayers will be answered.

    oh btw, how was Reggie's and Willie's performance last night?


  2. Hee hee..yes after getting to know you, I NEED a lot of help!

    Reggie & Willie did good. But am still not satisfied yet...

    Thanks for finally commenting on my blog. I know you have been trying hard not to. :-)