Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Isn't Christmas

till you feel it in your heart.

It's a feeling that i have been numb to for almost a decade. Every year since my dad became estranged from his family, Christmas has been a lonely, quiet affair. Oh the trimmings were there, Christmas trees and lights around the house. Gifts amongst the three of us and lovely treats that we wouldn't normally splurge on. We consoled ourselves, that all we really needed was the three of us.

But I wasn't feeling Christmas in my heart. Every year it was with a tinge of sadness and a longing for the yuletide celebrations I knew as a child.

God works in mysterious way and a couple of months ago, Dad reunited with his family. And this Christmas was the first in a long time that I feel truly happy. For a long time, I have always considered myself alone in the world because I am an only child.

But tonight, if I didn't realise it before, I know it now, I am not alone. I have beautiful cousins who adore me and their children look out for me. If anything, amidst all the laugher, food, music and gaiety, I realised I belonged to a beautiful family.

I am blessed. And I am so happy.

Christmas is really about family. Not decorations and expensive presents. Its about family coming together to cherish one another.

Felice Navidad!


  1. you have your cousins but some people family was destroyed by you...bitch!!!

  2. Do you have the balls to explain what you mean and identify yourself?

  3. the balls is up your fucking ass, bitch!!!

  4. Figures that I have more cojones than you do. But seriously, thank you for your very verbiose and lucid comments.