Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Kiss

Just a gentle little kiss that started it all. A kiss between your lips and mine. Soft and tender, moist and yielding. The tender flicker of your tongue against mine.

The unexpected kiss, triggering a flood of emotions. Tactile sensations and mild euphoria.
The comforting kiss, amidst tears and crushing disappointment, your mouth seeked mine and I melted into you.
Countless stolen kisses, some a prelude to a carnal feast while others a gentle peck.
Some furtive while in the grips of passion. Others just lascivious and taunting as we toyed with each other.
We kissed in daylight, behind closed doors, stealing a moment. At times our mouths locked in hungry embrace under the cover of night. Our fingers grazing each others bodies. Tingling. Our lips would soon follow, our tongues leaving a glistening trail on our bare skin.

Then a void. A vacuum. A malevolent gift of the folly rippled by a heart spurned.

In solitary silence, amidst clouds of anger and drizzling hurt, the lips yearned, beseeching a forgiving kiss that remained elusive.

Till an unexpected night, under the shadow of the Pyramid, my lips asked yours for a kiss. A kiss to say I was sorry and then walk away.

But then, your tongue met mine and I didn't want to say good bye. Now, unshackled and free, the lips want more than stolen kisses and hurried smooches.

The angel has unclasped her broken wings and unhooked her tainted halo. Her moist and swollen lips moans a kiss from you to unleash the devil within her. Lean closer, into me and surrender every fantasy, every desire your body trembles for as I curl my lips around you.


  1. Hi. I liked this post and I'd like to take it to be posted on my blog. I hope you dont mind of it.

  2. Sure..just post a link back here. Glad you like it.