Thursday, August 6, 2009

As The Rain Falls

The night becomes cooler and the rhythmic pounding of raindrops outside my window lull me into a semi-conscious state. I am stretched out on my bed wearing nothing but a silly little smile and a thin white cotton t-shirt. I know what I want is something that is probably never going to happen but you should know me by now. I never play by the rules. I make those up as I go along in life. Only to break them when ever I feel like it. Although nothing even remotely sexual happened today, just the lingering scent of you makes my body tingle.

I let my hands wander, teasing my nipples through my t-shirt, making them hard and erect, imagining the bristles of your mustache against their delicate skin, your lips gently sucking on them. Slowly my hands move down my tummy and I let my fingers find the bottom hem of my shirt, slowly pulling it up, imaging it was your hands, remembering how it felt like. A little moan escaped my lips and my hand slipped into my panties finding my pussy lips wet and moist. I couldn’t believe how wet I was and blamed it on the combination of the rain and the fact that I have been practically virginal since June! I know you would never believe me though.

Anyway, this is my fantasy right now and I can imagine just about anything as I caress my clit gently. I have never told you just how sexy I think your smooth chest is. I absolutely love licking it all over and sucking on your hard and erect nipples. I close my eyes and imagine you lying between my legs and I have this big grin on my face. For the countless times I have kneeled between yours, I have you now in my mind, just about to pleasure me the same way. I run my finger over my swollen clit and feel my body quiver. My other fingers stretch out across my vaginal mound gently squeezing it.

I begin to make light circles around my clit while teasing the opening of my vagina with my middle finger. I moan as I recall your voice in the darkness asking me to cum for you. I quicken the pace with my fingers and alternate between rubbing the hard swollen little nub and plunging my finger into my very wet pussy, squeezing it hard as I imagine it is your cock inside of me.

My breathing quickens and I moan with each breath. Writhing from side to side, I clutch at my breasts almost violently as I feel the familiar stirring from deep within my body and I start to lose myself in the memory of your voice when you are turned on and lusting for sexual release. I pull my hand away from my pussy and quickly ransack my cupboard, looking for Willie. My trusty vibrator that has seen much better days. After what seems like an eternity, I find him and then realise that I am out of batteries. Rubbing my thighs together, I try to keep my clit stimulated as I search for batteries and finally decide to use the ones from my TV remote.

I hurried back to my bed, quickly shedding off all pieces of clothing before sprawling out on my queen sized bed, legs apart I place Willie against my clit and gasp at the sensation. I squirm as I play with my breasts, running my hands all over my stomach and the undersides of my breasts while Willie obediently whirrs against my clit, engorging it further and inducing even more wetness. I begin to roll my nipples in between my fingers and massage my large breasts. Wondering what it would feel like if I was doing this on 3G for you where you watch me masturbate knowing that it is a show just for you, born out of passion for you.

The thought of you watching me as I masturbate sends me into a heightened state of arousal. Every inch of my body is tingling at the thought of you and I want to cum so badly. The buzz of the vibrator seems to get louder and I pull my knees up against my chest and open them wide. Willie almost drowns. I am so horny that my hips start squirming against the bed and I push against the vibrator, imagining that I was grinding against your hips.

Your voice purrs through my mind again, the vibrator grazes my engorged clit and I moan loudly, grabbing my breasts. God I really want you so badly right now at this moment. I let the vibrator slide up and down my pussy lips and tease the opening of my vagina. I imagine your warm breath against my cheek watching my every move and I slide the vibrator in my wetness, long and soft, it whirrs into me. Slowly I begin to pull it out, the vibration still stimulating my clit. Back in I push Willie, all the way in and then I began quickening the pace. In and out Willie plunges into my hole as I massage my breasts with my free hand.

I moan with each breath, struggling not to be too loud when all I feel like doing is gasping your name out loud. I begin to rock my hips harder and faster against the vibrator. I can feel my climax beginning to build as I squeeze the plastic cock, wishing hard that it was your cock that I was gripping with my pussy, pushing you closer to your own climax, anticipating the gush of warm semen shooting against the walls of my cervix. My entire body is writhing on the bed as if possessed. Images of your face toying with me and my breath becomes laboured and my heart racing. Squeezing against the vibrator, I picture your face leaning in to kiss me and I imagine you moaning as I massage your balls as your cock is being squeezed hard by my pussy.

That image pushes me over the edge and my moans are almost continuous. My hand almost a blur I force Willie to fuck me. My body becomes rigid and tense and I start to climax in uncontrollable waves. I am so close to screaming your name as I coax another climax out of my soaking wet pussy. I feel myself cum and my juices trickle down my ass and down my thigh. I ease the strokes as my climax subsides and my vagina becomes painfully sensitive. With a flick of my finger I turn off Willie and slide him out of my pussy.

I sigh heavily and lay completely relaxed on my bed, my heart beating so fast that I can hear it pounding in my head. I smile to myself wondering just what your reaction would be if you knew you had a seat in my thoughts as I masturbated to fantasies of you.

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