Friday, July 13, 2007


Cat fights, don't you just love them? Well, not the screechy serenades of lurve by your favourite scallywags at 3.59am in your back alley. No, these cat fights are far more irritating and don't come with a err..happy ending.

I am talking about those lethal backstabbers of the female variety who smile at your face, laugh with you, yet the moment your back is turned, there she is wielding a shiny new blade she twists into your back.

Am I bleeding profusely from my back, you ask? Yes I am. Well, nothing new. My back is well scarred from the attacks of many women, right from the time I was a teenager. I used to think there was something wrong with me but you know what? There probably is a long list of behavioural defects that define my personality but heck, who cares! That's just me!

I love who I am. I adore my effervescent personality and the fact that I am open in my expressions of affection for people I care about. I like it that I can slide into a conversation with the boys and not get offended by their raunchy conversations. I am proud that I am able to reach out to any person, regardless of age, gender or race. I love the body that I have been given, cellulite, rolls of flesh, curves and all. I am proud of my assets and most importantly, I adore my sexuality and sensuality.

Heck, if you find that irritating, I really don't care. Just have the guts to say it to my face and quit smiling at me like you are a friend.

Don't hate me coz I am beautiful! :-)

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