Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Coming Attractions!

Ok...I know I have missing for a bit...well a rather loooonggggg bit. But I'm back and you will soon be able to be bored to tears by reading my exploits & random thoughts.

Lots have happened. Oh yes they have! But patience my preciousss...all will be revealed. Well, almost all.... *grins*

In a nutshell, I am single and liberated from the shackles of all that has been overtly and deceptively toxic in my life.

The slavemaster calls now and I have to get my tush to the grindstone.

Keep checking this space!

I was absolutely overwhelmed by the messages I received from as far away as Slovakia asking me about my absence! And of course, from my family & friends who for reasons best known to them, have missed my usually inane ramblings about pussies and stuff.

Well, thanks for all your messages, it's basically what has driven me back to my blog.

Till later my faithful readers... *kiss*kiss* (will you just allow me my 5 seconds of delusional fame please??...thank you!)


  1. out of shackles?

    poor man doesnt know wht he's missing out on.

    and now i hv u all to myself ..yummy..muahahaha.

  2. Awww sayang..that's sweet of you. Yes you can have me all to yourself on any day you choose....Other days, other sayangs will have me to themselves...hee hee hee...

  3. I'm joining the queue. Do I fill out these forms in triplicate??? Can you believe what our gonads compel us to do... propositioning women we haven't even met... Jeez (or, rather, Cheez! ;-)

    P.S. Who ARE you, anyhow? Rather intriguing presence - at least on my first visit to your blog! I enjoyed your Blogger profile ;-)

  4. Woohoo! Antares! Thank you so much for leaving your mark here. Who am I? Someone's daughter, someone's friend...the list goes on...Let's put it this way, I know people who know you. And I am really looking forward to coming by your place in KKB.


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