Friday, January 12, 2007

Musky Was Killed

Some time ago, I posted that Musky went missing for a few days and that forced me to send her newly born kittens for fostering because they weren't being fed. Anyway, a day or so after I sent those 3 away, Musky returned.

She was frail and disorientated. And all she wanted to do was to enter this cage which was housing her two older kittens; Kit & Kat. Everyday, when I clean out the cage and take them out to play, she totally refused to come out. I didn't really put much thought into her behaviour because she generally was a very quiet and timid cat.

Anyway, yesterday morning, I found her having trouble breathing and I was quite terrified that she had FIP. The disease that killed Kitty in September 2006. So we rushed her to the vet and upon his examination he said he suspected that her diaphragm was ruptured but only an Xray will determine that or if its fluid in her lungs; symptomatic of FIP.

She didn't make it through even the Xray as she collapsed and died.

When we viewed the Xray, the vet pointed out how badly her diaphragm has been ruptured, so much so that all her internal organs had filled the cavity and had pushed up her lungs. She literally was suffocating to death.

Our vet (Dr. Khor from Mayo clinic) was quite certain that she had been hit with a hard object to cause her diaphragm to tear and slowly rupture like it did. Suddenly her behaviour this past month made sense.

Why she suddenly disappeared and left her babies for days without milk, why when she returned she was so disorientated and frightened....

There were no visible wounds on her body when she returned so there was no sign for me to know that she had been physically hurt. But I am seething with anger right now that yet again, barbaric individuals on my street have managed to kill/abuse an animal and I have no proof against them.

I believe that whatever is done, good or evil, returns to the doer threefold. So, I wish upon them their just reward.

Musky, rest in peace my little angel. You were a joy to behold every day you were with me. Love and kisses my precious.

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