Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Chicken Surprise Tuesday

Although I love cooking, I am not a slave to following recipes down to the very last teaspoon. In fact, what I find most interesting and challenging is creating things just from what I have in the fridge and larder. Hence, whenever the family asks what's for lunch or dinner, I always just yell...SURPRISE!

What I have today is some bits of chicken fillet and some pieces of drumsticks and two washed potatoes. So this is what I have done.

Chicken Fillet

1. Cubed about half an inch or so.
2. Marinated with one part of chilli powder, two parts curry powder and a dash of Shah Kabab's spice mix.
3. Generous sprinkling of black pepper and a quarter cube of chicken stock. Mix chicken well and keep aside.
4. In a hot wok, add a generous amount of oil (will share why a generous amount later)
5. Wait till oil gets hot and add onions, lemongrass, ginger and garlic that has been sliced finely.
6. Fry them till they are golden brown and the onions are almost caramelized.
7. Then add the marinated chicken fillet and toss about in wok till cooked. Doesn't take long with fillet.
8. Once tender, push all meat & onions to one side of the wok and spoon out all the oil into a bowl.
9. Chop one chilli finely and some scallions and sprinkle over chicken.
10. Add two tablespoons of low fat yoghurt and a generous dollop of Thai Sweet Chilli sauce to chicken and mix gently.
11. Serve with a fresh salad.

Chicken Drumsticks

1. Wash and score drumsticks
2. Place in a pan or bowl, drizzle olive oil over it.
3. Sprinkle about 3 heaped teaspoons of chilli powder
4. Rain black pepper generously
5. Mix well and keep aside.

Blend together:
1. One tomato, quartered
2. Two green chillies
3. Two onions
4. An inch of ginger
5. Two lemongrass roots
6. 3 cloves of garlic
7. 3/4 chicken stock cube
8. Chilli oil from frying the chicken fillet earlier
9. 3 cap fulls of Italian dressing
10. 2 tablespoons of Chilli sauce
11. Dollop of Salad Mayonaise

Place chicken in ziplock bag and pour blended ingredients into bag.
Seal, shake well and keep in fridge.
Just before dinner, dump onto plate and place in broiler.
Cook till done, usually around 20 minutes or so at high to medium heat.

Serve with a cold Potato Salad.

- Diced boiled potato
- Lots of pepper
- Dollop of low fat yoghurt
- Dollop of low fat mayo
- Generous amount of chopped scallions
- Mix well and refrigerate
- Serve Cold.


  1. so .when are you gonna cook for me??

  2. Hmm..after I get to taste your couscous!


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