Thursday, September 14, 2006

Supernova Lukas Rossi!

The votes were in and the Tommyhawk swung for the last time; its Lukas Rossi for Gilby Clarke, Jason Newsted and Tommy Lee. Finally complete today as Supernova!

The merging of three rock legends from Guns N Roses, Metallica and Motley Crue respectively is set to explode the rock scene with their fusion of rock, metal, glam and thrash. And who better to lead this ensemble of rock icons into a new generation of worshippers than an unlikely cross of Jeff Buckley & Freddie Mercury in Lukas Rossi!

"You are our boy" says Tommy Lee.

Although I was very disappointed that Toby Rand and Magni were elimated, I have to agree that the right person was chosen to front Supernova.

Good luck guys! See you in KL!


  1. hey Vixey,

    can't comment much on this one. I dont have AStro and not into weird music, yes I do enjoy some rock music but their appreance spooks me. Some rockers look like a monster that has too much make-up on! sorry lah if I offended hardcore rockers.

    anyways, ROCK on BAbe like what my little Rosebud says ( oh gosh, language of today's children!)

    WE WILL , WE WILL ROCK YOu ( my bestest rendition of rock i guess)


  2. I am not into goth or punk either and he really does look creepy when he is performing on stage.
    I am an old-fashioned rocker babe though...I prefer the bare chests, tattooed bodies with faded jeans type of rockers.

    Leave the make up to the women...I think we look better in it...hehe