Sunday, September 10, 2006

Of Apples n Kiwis

Last night was a lovely night of great company, good food and whacky conversations!

It all started with the engagement party of two much loved friends; Dudie n Kiwi. And to wish them farewell as their days in sunny Malaysia were drawing to a close.

And so we gathered at one of the city's most romantic hideaways; Tamarind Springs
A motley crew all dressed in various shades of Red and Green. Some shades more questionable than others while a brave one amongst us, chose to shop for a red shirt AND green pants to match!

We were all a buzz, excited at our little plan to record messages on DVD for the happy couple. Some of us, were quite relieved that we got to the restaurant early and was able to get away with making fools of ourselves with just Richard sniggering behind the camera. While others tried to sneak away unnoticed for their two seconds of fame as we sat down to dinner. Poor Richard was teased mercilessly as Dudie N Kiwi were wondering why he kept fondling his lap top throughout the night.

Dudie looked an absolute WOW in her valentine red dress. The "green" girls looked fabulous as well. While Gervais and John were hard to miss in their bright red shirts. I, of course, in Trollop style, wore black with a plunging cleavage (but of course!) Pics will follow later (if Gervais gives them up) with a red glittery shawl.

We were surprised when we saw lovely wrapped pressies on each of our plates. As Santa David pulled little treats out of his great big bag for each of us. Thanks to those who could not make it, some of us had two pressies each while John, from the looks of it, was informed of an impending coffee bean shortage as he cuddled his coffee jars lovingly. Almost addictively as he was seen scouring the table tops as we left in case he missed a jar or two.

The night then progressed to the The Lounge at Mandarin Oriental where we lost some of the flock on the way. And Dudie ditched the valentine red dress and picked up allergies instead. While Kiwi kept blaming the traffic for arriving last. (We know the REAL reason guys; wink wink nudge nudge **)

It was an intellectually stimulating after dinner drinks as Kiwi shared his extensive expertise on the art of doggie with Toon. And Dudie had us curled up with laugher as she did impersonations of some..err famous people. :-) It was one of my favourite moments of her. Well, minus the red nose and sniffing.

While everyone called it a night just a little past midnight to go home and play old married couple, some of us headed for Qba with our dancing shoes on fire.

We ditched Toon as soon as we arrived and headed straight for the dance floor. Not long after we arrived we got to know two really nice Dutch guys; Zappa n Elmer. I was quite surprised that I managed to draw the quiet Elmer onto the dance floor. Zappa said he doesn't usually dance.

The rest of the night was spent chatting in the courtyard. Zappa kept us amused with his Austin Powers pick up lines and feet massaging expertise. While Elmer and I exchanged life stories. Soon James Blunt was being played and tables n chairs were being stacked up.

It was the perfect end to a perfect night.

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