Sunday, August 27, 2006

Numbers Don't Lie

Yes people, numbers don't lie. As much as I try, I still can't convert a Size 14 into a Size 2. And well, let's face it, a solid 9 inches is capable of alot more burrowing action than a modest 6 inches. Bean counters all over the world, live by numbers, swearing by it, swearing because of it and decisions are made based on it; financial or otherwise.

Aspects of our life are controlled by numbers; the 12 months to the year, twenty-four hours in a day and seven days in a week. These numbers control the cycles of our day to day lives. Seasons control our crops, the moon controls the tides, mating and gestation periods of animals are also confined to certain times.

From time immemorial, its been known that the moon not only controls the tides but also has an affect on the brains of animals and humans alike. Its light can release strains of madness in a mentally unbalanced person, strong romantic or melancholy emotions in any human being and killer instincts in the animals of the primitive wilds. Sometimes you have to wonder why some serial killers choose full moon days to strike.

Anyhow, what I am getting at is that numbers and planets are known to affect us in one way or another. Throughout history and in every form of metaphysical teaching numerology has been universally used. Early concepts of numerology led to the beginnings of structural mathematics, a prime requisite for the study of the measurement and motion of the stars. which astrologers believe control our destiny and scientists know foretell climatic or seasonal changes.

I know many sceptics of astrology laugh at the notion that we all have the same instincts and desires under the influence of each planet, thereby dividing civilization into only 12 definitive categories of reaction. And rightfully so they should laugh. The reaction of each individual depends upon the personality or destiny with which we are born not just our astrological sign.

Numerologically there are nine different paths of destiny into which all things fall; 9 different personalities resulting in 9 different forms of reaction. Eg; someone with a 6-Destiny will most probably react to every situation instinctively with understanding and love, where as someone with a 7-Destiny will be contemplative and even moody.

Therefore, even though all Leos may be said to enjoy certain benefits during a particular month, as in astrology, each of the 9 different paths of destiny will precipitate an entirely differenct reaction to the influences of that month, so that each Leo will have an even more specific pattern that varies greatly. A month that could bring fame and fortune to a Leo with an 8-Destiny could bring only hard work and little reward for one with a 4-Destiny. So while Astrology is general, Numerology allows us a much more exact one by which to chart the attitudes or destiny of each and every one of us.

Ok, so what I am getting at is that this past week has been spent in much reading and revelation of the power of numbers. I have gotten to know someone who scientifically proves how the vibrations in our given name and signature affects our lives. This is based on the theory that every alphabet can be converted into a numerological vibration. Thus, while you can't change the vibrations from your date of birth, you can change the vibrations from your name/signature to release a more favourable vibration into the universe.

Sounds far-fetched? Something of the occult & divination? Well, get a load of this: It has been accurately charting the destiny of mankind since before the sixth century b.c., in the days of Pythagoras, astronomer, astrologer, philosopher and first recognized numerologists. Interpretation of numerical digits preceded astrology and gamatria, the actual study of numbers, gave the first understandable answers to most universal problems and events.

The Cabala, the doctrine that deals with the mystic lore of the ancient Hebrew, employed numerology as a method of determining the character and destiny of earlierst man. It is said that the science of numerology was actually taught to Adam and Eve, therefore taking us back to our earliest spiritual beginnings.

Numerous incidents in the Bible testify to the fact that Jesus Christ used numerology in his teachings, even changing the original names of his disciples to match the numerological vibrations of the mission he wished them to undertake; "Simon, henceforth thy name shall be Peter and on this rock my church will be built." And so it was - St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican.

Personally I think the study of numerology deserves greater awareness as many people are losing out on its benefits due to the misconception that its meddling with God's plan. My argument is this; if we can understand the study of the planets and its effect on Mother Earth, why is it so difficult to comprehend that numbers & its vibrations have similar effects on us, humans?

If we can use numbers to calculate gestation periods, fertility times etc why is it far-fetched to comprehend that we can determine our destiny by numbers? Probably our hesitation to understand and use the study of numerology in our daily life stems from our religious indoctrination that everything is in God's hands.

This surrender and blind faith in God's will reminds me of a story I once heard during a sermon;

A religious God-fearing man was trapped in his house as flood waters rose. Soon he found himself waiting on the roof and he prayed fervently. A rescue boat soon arrived but the man waved them off saying, "God will save me". A few minutes later, a neighbour sailed past and yelled out to the man. Again he responded with "God will save me". Finally a helicopter hovered above his roof and lowered a safety basket. Again, the prayerful man shouted out "No, no, God will save me!"
Soon, the flood waters engulfed his house and the man drowned.
When he entered the Pearly Gates, the man was crestfallen and called out to God. "I have been your faithful servant with unwavering faith in your almighty power. Why did you let me die and not save me?"

God replied; "You stupid fool! I sent the rescue boat, your neighbour and the helicopter to rescue you. But each time, you waved them away. I can only save those who help themselves!"

Excuse me now, I am off to help myself.

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