Tuesday, December 8, 2009

You Didn't Know

How that quiet Sunday afternoon
was all I needed
Just you and me
snuggled against each other
chatting about our lives

The music playing in the background
Your fingers running through my hair
My cheek rubbing against the bristle on your chest
Your arms holding me tight
Your hands caressing my arm

I love how we go from laughter one minute
to talking about the darker things in life
I love how you understand my pain
And put it into words that I haven't spoken
I love how you think of me when you know I need you

I guess I didn't know
Just how much you have come to mean to me
And I bet you didn't know
that you've become my best friend
On a lazy Sunday afternoon

If I doubted it before, I don't anymore
Where ever life may lead us, to which ever shore
Together or alone
I know in my heart, I found a friend
For life, didn't you know?

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