Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Teddy Bear & Chocolate Memorial Day

On this day, where ever the bug has reached, millions of teddy bears die horrific deaths by being stuffed into glitzy boxes that are tied up with big bows & ribbons. Kazillion ounces of chocolate melting to their deaths on the tongues of wanton greedy wenches. While armies of florists and other merchandisers laugh gloriously all the way to the bank.

Yes folks, the annual nausea inducing day is here once again. Where fools in love are drawn to overly priced restaurants for candle lit dinners that mask the less than average food and showers a sickly glow on the woman's plastic smile & paint ridden face. I sound a tad cynical? Well, maybe I am because seriously, just one day in a year to pull out all the stops to show the people you love, you care??? Its about being there when they need you, its about being honest and supportive, its about being a friend and a lover. And as my Prince Charming always says, its about sharing and teamwork.

I like the way things are going with Prince Charming and time will tell how deep and far that goes. So anyway folks, this V Day, if you wanna show you care, make a pledge to love and respect her/him everyday, mean it and walk the talk!

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