Saturday, December 23, 2006

You Asked For It !

No, this isn't about your Christmas wishlist for Santa. But if I still believed in Santa, top on my list would be to wish just half a brain for our politicians. Nothing extravagant, just half would do. One would think there is a secret competition on to crown one of them the biggest ASS of the year.

We had brilliant comments such as women ask to be raped, women need to be fined for wearing (what they deem it as) "sexy" clothes and now, braying loud and clear; Sometimes, women like to carry expensive handbags and wear clothes that invite trouble; said Deputy Internal Security Minister Datuk Mohd Johari Baharum on Snatch thefts in the country.

Oh yes, my 80 year old grandma was really skimpily clad when she was mugged, not once but 3 times! Requiring stitches as well after she was pushed to the ground. And oh, I do believe a Parkson plastic bag is the hottest branded "handbag" of the season since that was what I was carrying when I was mugged!

I really can't believe what comes out of the mouths of these people. Do they actually think before they speak? Or is it more convenient now to blame everything on women? It sickens me to the stomach the mentality that's at the helm of this country, steering its course.

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