Thursday, August 17, 2006

Wine, Women and .....

the Naked Chepi who snagged 3rd prize at a fancy schmaltzy wine pairing dinner! go girl!

I am seriously beginning to wonder if Tala's Quest is on a Chepi path because apparently The Naked One has been the muse for my two powerful blog posts thus far. Earth shattering and fascinatingly rivetting they have been too!

It has been a rather amusing night as I found myself in deep intellectual conversation ( read: gossiping ) about the behavioural patterns ( read: bimbo/spg behaviour ) of female homosapiens (read: bitches).

I have for years lamented the fact that it has been so difficult for me to find women who are in total control of themselves. Strong yet feminine, intelligent, self-assured, witty, vibrant & loyal women were in my opinion hard to come by as I couldn't find a single one! I used to be surrounded by weak, whiny and/or manipulative scheming she-dogs who wouldn't think twice to dig her stilleto into your back, just to get ahead or to show herself superior to you.

Seriously, nothing beats a good therapeutic session of good ol' catty bitching with your best girlfriends. Guy friends just don't cut it in this respect. They don't understand why its done and certainly don't have a clue as to how its done.

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